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USB Type C Coiled GX16 5 Pin AviatorConnector Keyboard Cable Double-sleeved 1.8 Meter

RM 88.00

USB Type C Coiled Aviator Connector Cable 6 Feet 1.8 Meter Double-sleeved Paracord For Gaming keyboard


-Length: about 1.8m (6ft)

-Cord material: durable braided nylon

-Connector: 5 pins, stable connection

- Input Port: USB Type C, support 5A fast charging


There is a ring on connector, please gently screw out the ring when separating it. When you install the connector, please make sure the 5 pins are all at right points.


5 Key Points:

[Heat-shrink USB C Cable] Type-C USB type cable with coated aviator connector. Heat-shrink tube type plug is flexible and suitable for some keyboard with special narrow plug area;


[Coiled 6' USB C Cable] Made of coiled paracord, about 1.8m (6ft) length in total after stretching the coil which has good elasticity. No tangle, no mess.


[Tough USB Type C Cable] With double-sleeved coat to protect cable. Using imported braided 4mm diameter nylon tube, strong enough to resist heavy pulling;


[Responsive Stable Connection] Adopting 5 pins USB 2.0 aviator connector, high quality copper wire cable and alu shielding foil for stable connection and high sensitivity between your keyboard and PC. Supports 5A fast charging.