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PXN U306 USB Gaming Headset Wired Headphones with 7.1 Surround Sound LED Pro Noise Canceling

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- PXN U306 USB Gaming Headset, Wired PS4 Gaming Headphones with 7.1 Surround Sound .

- PC Gaming Headset adopting a classic oval shape, it has super soft ear pads and adjustable headband, which can protect your ears and head from pressure during the game, and it has added an LED colorful light strip with 4 lighting effects Adjustable.

- The earmuffs are made of skin-friendly protein leather, which has good air permeability and sweat absorption function. At the same time, the earmuffs can be rotated 90 degrees, which is very convenient to carry out without taking up too much space and resources.Magnetic ear cups installation method are easy to disassemble and clean.

- The microphone is set on the side of the left earmuff. The length of the whole microphone is about 3.93“. The plastic hose is designed to be retractable. It can not only adjust the angle at will, it is also very convenient without storage. The cable is made of durable tensile braided wire, which can effectively reduce the external resistance. It also has noise reduction function and is compatible with PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Mac, and Laptops.


- - Speaker Size: 50mm

- - Sensitivity: 115+/3db

- - Cable Length: 1.9M+/-15%

- - Directionality: Omni-directional

- - Frequency Range: 20Hz-20 KHz

- - LED Working Voltage: DC5V

- - Microphone Sensitivity: -42+/3dB

- - Headset Jack: USB 2.0

- - Cable length: Approx. 74.8"/ 6.23ft

Products include:

- Headphone*1

- Manual *1