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PXN 9607X Wireless Controller Gamepad for Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite / PC - Wake Up NFC

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PXN 9607X Nintendo Switch Pro controller,compatible with Switch/Seitch Liet console, can be connected to PC via USB cable to play PC games

The buttons and switches of this professional controller, one-key wake, one-key shooting, Turbo, +/- buttons, R/L, X, Y, A, B buttons and the remote control are fully compatible. The built-in 6-axis gyroscope chip can Keep up with the flexibility of the game; using a three-speed vibration motor, if you encounter a collision in the game, it will immediately provide you with corresponding feedback and bring a very good experience to the game; it has NFC Amiibo function (can provide Animal crossing function); The built-in high-efficiency battery 550 mAh lithium battery can be used continuously for 20 hours after charging for 2 hours.

HIGH-TECH COMBINATION CONTROLLER:The game controller has a built-in 6-axis gyroscope chip , with body sense and motion controls functions,capable of extremely precise speed, position, and accurate control, rapid start/stop motion, the wireless controller compatible with nintendo switch enables high-precision recognition of direction and visual field.. Support for NFC, Turbo and dual vibration, one-key screenshot,one-key wake-up【Home】.

HIGH-TECH COMBINATION CONTROLLER: It has motion control and vibration functions, three levels of adjustable vibration, and the asymmetrical design of the left and right motor loads, which is sufficient to meet the needs of every player. Built-in high-quality 550 mAh lithium battery, charging time 2-3 hours, can be used continuously for about 20 hours of game time, generally enough game time. Comes with a 40-inch Type-C cable, which can also work normally when charging.

LIGHTWEIGHT & MULTI-PERSON SHARING:The Pro switch controller can quickly connect to a receiver within 23 feet via Bluetooth, and can support up to 4 people to play games at the same time. It is anti-interference and will not be affected by other wireless devices, making it very suitable for families Entertainment and parties. The ergonomically designed handle is made of textured rubber to increase friction and prevent hand sweat, making it comfortable even when playing games for a long time.


- Applicable platform: PC,Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite

- System support: Windows 7/8/10

- Connection method: wired (2.6 feet), Bluetooth (23 feet)

- Turbo : support

- Vibration: Asymmetric dual motors

- Sensitivity: six-axis gyroscope chip

- Sensing function: NFC

- Sleep mode: Support

- Power supply: built-in 550mAh,5V