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Kemove Keycaps Set Thermal Sublimation 85% PBT Themed Design with Keycap Puller

RM 83.95

Cute Design - Two main theme option: Blue Ocean and Autumn Maple.

ODM Profile PBT Custom Keyc - This keycaps set is made of 95% PBT dye-subbed keycaps to offer ultra durability and stability, the keycaps is oil-proof and fingerprints-proof and the letter on it won't fade away even after long time.

Compatible with 61 Keys Layout Keyboards - If your keyboard is a 60% or 65% keyboard except for 61 keys, some keycaps may not be suitable. Please check the size of the keycap before purchasing.

70 Keycaps Set With Puller - Keycap puller included. Exquisite packaging with stylish keycap removal tool, very pratical and you can replace your keycaps easily at any time you want!