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Gaming RGB Mousepad - Waterproof Anti-Slip Adjustable Lighting

RM 41.50
RGB Gaming Mousepad

This RGB Gaming Mousepad is made with superior Nano-textured surface that is waterproof and optimizes your mouse sensor performance. The rubberized bottom keeps the mousepad in place even with aggressive and active mouse movement. The LED comes with 9 static lighting mode and 3 different dynamic light settings that will make your setup look amazing.
The mousepad comes in 3 sizes:

- Small = 250mm x 300mm x 4mm
- Large = 300mm x 800mm x 400mm
- XXL = 400mm x 900mm x 4mm

Unique LED Lighting Design

The RGB Gaming Mouse Pad features 7 Lighting Modes, it can create a cool atmosphere and you can choose your favourite color mode to match the environment.

Superior Material

Design with superfine fiber braided material which are micro-textured, smooth surface, precise navigation and without warped. The Non-slip Rubber Base keep the mouse pad griping the desktop firmly.

Size & Durable

Enlarge size ensures that it could perfectly cover the desktop and provide enough movement space for usability. The water resistant layer and spandex fiber make the mouse pad easy to clean and quick-dry.

Easy To Use

It's plug and play by USB and No driver is required. Clicking the control button will switch the LED modes. Double clicking the button will change the RGB light brightness and holding the button for 3 seconds will toggle it on or off.