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GameSir LeadJoy VX2 Keyboard and Mouse Converter Adapter for PS4-5 Xbox Nintendo Switch

RM 179.00

Starting September 2022, all new converters from GameSir will be moved under the LeadJoy brand. Check out official announcement at GameSir Official.

Multi-platform Compatibility: LeadJoy VX2 AimBox Console Adapter is a multi-platform compatible console input adapter, supported for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. LeadJoy VX2 AimBox support PS5 Games (please check important notes).

Support PS5 Games Adapter: Except on PS5, you can use Sony licensed third-party controller for PS4 to play PS5 Games. On the rest compatible platforms, it’s required to correspondingly use the official controller on the corresponding console. (please check important notes).

Support Audio Input: Plug your favorite headset to the built-in 3.5mm audio jack of VX2 AimBox, dive right into your gaming world and leave other noises behind. Note: 3.5mm audio jack is not supported on PS5 console.

Highly Customizable via LeadJoy App: Different players and games require different in-game settings. LeadJoy App enables you to fine-tune mouse, camera, joystick, keybinds and lighting settings, giving you total control on the battlefield with your preferred and familiar configs execution.

Adjustable Lighting Effect: Using LeadJoy App to customize the lighting effect that you like.The logo button can reset the LeadJoy VX2 AimBox. Please press the RESET button to restart it if VX2 AimBox doesn't work.

Additional Notes

1. The mouse switching technology of Game VX2 AimBox will assume that the "view sensitivity" and other related options are maximized in your gameplay settings. In any case, it must be turned up to maximize your aiming performance.

2. Please note that VX2 AimBox may not be able to provide the required power for some keyboards/mouses. After power on, they may not work normally. In this case, please try to input additional power to the Type-C interface on the VX2 AimBox to supply power.

Please check below notes about LeadJoy VX2 AimBox compatibility with PS5 games before buying!

1. About Compatible Controllers:

To play PS5 games with PS5 console on VX2 AimBox, you need to use a Sony licensed third-party controller for PS5. Official PS5 controller is NOT supported!

2. About Compatible PS5 Games: Not all PS5 games are supported on VX2 AimBox. Please check compatibility from LeadJoy website.

Important Notes: Sony has released a new PlayStation 5 system update in May. If your PS5 console updates to 22.01-05.10.00, VX2 AimBox won’t support PS5 games any more.