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GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro Wireless Gamepad with Full Hall Effect Sticks and Triggers

RM 149.00
    Introducing the GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro: Elevate Your Gaming Experience

    Experience gaming like never before with the GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro wireless PC controller. Designed to provide unparalleled performance and versatility, this controller is your ultimate companion across multiple platforms, including Windows 10/11, Switch, macOS, Android, iOS, and the Steam Deck.

    Unrivaled Precision with GameSir Hall Effect Joysticks

    Say goodbye to dead zones and drifting joysticks. The GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro features Hall Effect joysticks that ensure precise and responsive control, giving you the edge in every game.

    Customizable Trigger Experience

    Adapt to any gaming scenario with ease using the Hall effect analog triggers. Switch seamlessly between regular and fast trigger modes, ideal for FPS or RPG games, enhancing your gameplay and giving you the competitive advantage.

    Effortless Macro Execution

    Take control of your gameplay with the two macro back buttons. Whether it's a single button press or a complex combo motion, executing your moves has never been easier. Dominate the battlefield with swift and precise actions.

    Immersive Feedback with Rumble Motors

    Feel the action come to life with the dual rumble motors embedded in the grips, delivering both strong and subtle vibrations. Experience feedback like never before, with additional motors inside the triggers, providing tactile sensations at your fingertips. (Trigger vibration supported in Bluetooth XInput mode only)

    Intuitive Multi-Function M Button

    Seamlessly navigate through various functions with the multi-function M button. Customize trigger modes, stick configurations, vibration intensity, and even the ABXY layout, ensuring your controller adapts to your preferences effortlessly.

    Interactive Motion Controls

    Immerse yourself in your favorite Switch games with interactive motion controls. Tilt, shake, or rotate the controller to unlock new levels of immersion and gameplay possibilities, putting you right in the heart of the action.

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