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EasySMX ESM 9110 2.4G Wireless Game Controller for PC and Android with USB Receiver

RM 94.00
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Universal Compatibility

EasySMX Wireless Game Controller supports works with PS3, Nintendo Switch and PC; Warning: For android devices with version 5.0 of Android or any other higher versions as well as on smartphones and tablets supporting the OTG function, it is necessary to download the game simulator for games, only by these game simulators, the controller can control the game perfectly.

Wireless Connectivity

10m(32.8ft) connectivity range covers the living room and bedroom. No wires, no mess, no hassle. Just wirelessly connect to your device and get to the gaming.

Dual Vibration Feedback

Asymmetrical linear motor put you in the center of the action, giving you immersive gaming experience with multi magnitude of vibration feedback.ABXY button and right joystick with fashionable and impressive LED light, 5 levels of adjustable light


The non-slip grips are designed for improved stability. The indentation and textured surface of the joystick fit your fingers snuggly and prevent slips in intense games.Four programmable buttons at the bottom of the handle: M1 M2 M3 M4, one-click difficult operation, which let the player play instantly and enjoy the fun of the game

Battery Operated

The wireless game controller has an embedded lithium battery and it has a smart sleep function, increasing battery efficiency.