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Wireless Gamepad - Wired / Bluetooth Game Controller for PC Android Switch IOS - Opolar GC701

RM 108.00


Wide Compatibility: This Bluetooth controller is compatible with Windows 7 8 10 11, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.

Bluetooth Pairing to Windows 10/11 automatically detected as Xbox One Controller on Xinput Mode.

Motion Control: This gamepad has the latest 6-axis gyroscope and trigger built-in, which can detect subtle changes in gravity and quickly start/stop motion without delay.

USB-C Fast Charging - 600mAH Built-in Battery for 6 to 8 hours of continuous play.

TURBO & Screenshot: With the turbo function, just hold down a key without pressing the button multiple times to trigger continuous repeated operations. You will have a more prominent performance in some shooting games or fighting games. Besides, the screenshot function can records your perfect moment during the game.

Dual Vibration: Asymmetric and linear vibration motors provide individual feedback during the game.

Programmable M Buttons: The presence of M buttons makes you a master manipulator. You can edit any complex operation as an M button. Combination keys are (A, B, X, Y, LB, RB, L3, LT, RT, R3).

Dual-Mode: Bluetooth & Wired Option

Package List: 1x Wired Game Controller; 1x Cable; 1x User