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OZU8 Volume Knob Multimedia Controller - Aluminum Alloy USB Audio Controller Plug and Play

RM 99.00
High quality volume controller for listening to music, watching videos, playing games and others. Physical multimedia controller for your convinience.

How to use it?
- Volume Adjustment: rotate the usb volume knob clockwise to turn up the volume and rotate the knob counter-clockwise to turn down the volume.
- Next/Previous Song: press and hold the knob, then rotate it clockwise to change to the next song and rotate it counter-clockwise to change to the previous song.
- Mute/Unmute: press the knob to make your computer mute, press it again to become unmute.

5 operations:
- Turn the knob to the left/right
- Short/long press the knob
- Press and hold the knob then turn left/right

- Driver-free,Plug and Play
- Compatible with MIcro usb/Type-c / USB3.0, other interfaces

- Color: Black
- Material: premium aluminum alloy
- Item Dimensions:9.7*6.1*3.5cm