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Black Joy-Con Controller for Nintendo Switch with Customable LED - Wireless Wake Up Macro Gyroscope

RM 178.00
Wirelss Joycon with back button 8 LED Colors Joycon for Nintendo Switch

- Left and Right Analog stick with LED light
- LED light brightness adjustable(3 levels);
- Special design ,Back cover with programmable L3/R3 button;
- With dual rumble,dual shock function;
- Back cover with anti-slip dot texture;
- It supports 6-axis Gyro function;
- Big size for more comfortable operation;
- Bluetooth connection;
- With Turbo function.
- Left/Right Joycon and Frame


- Product Name: Wireless Switch Joycon
- Compatible: Nintendo Switch
- Material: ABS
- Working distance: <10m
- Playing Time: 8-10hours
- Charging Time: 2hours
- Stand By Time: 25 days
- Battery: 500mAh X 2pcs